Houston Zoo McNair Asian Elephant

1513 North MacGregor, Houston, Texas
Houston Zoo
Pepper-Lawson Construction
PJA Architects + Landscape Architects, P.S.
As part of the largest undertaking in the 85-year history of the Houston Zoo, the Phase Two Expansion of the Asian Elephant Habitat consists of an open steel LSS structure, an 80,000-gallon capacity eight-foot-deep pool structure, a shade structure, and cable barrier containment around the perimeter of the Exhibit.
The Elephant Habitat features a 7,000-square-foot Elephant Barn, a high bay structure with a steel-framed roof, metal deck and open web steel joists/girders, steel pipe bollard and gate systems for containment and steel-framed "chute" structure for health and medical procedures.
The project is the cornerstone of the Houston Zoo's Masterplan and is integral to the African Tropical Forest Exhibit.