Casey Whitsett, S.E.

 / Vice President
M.S. Structural Engineering
University of California, San Diego
Professional Licenses
Professional Affiliations

Casey has more than eleven years of experience at Hope-Amundson. During his tenure, he has successfully completed several multi-million dollar projects in the institutional/educational, commercial and hospitality sectors, including the Southwestern College Math and Science Building and the award-winning Qualcomm – Pacific Center Campus, Building AY. In addition to demonstrated project leadership, Casey has spearheaded various in-office assignments, such as Hope-Amundson’s mentorship program and project management group.
Casey remains active in the local structural engineering community and currently serves as Treasurer for the Structural Engineers Association of San Diego. In his free time, he trains for triathalons. When not running, biking or swimming, Casey enjoys both watching and playing soccer.