Four Hope-Amundson Projects Recognized at ACI Awards in San Diego

The San Diego Chapter of the American Concrete Institute held its Annual Awards May 5th at the Catamaran Resort. Hope-Amundson is delighted to announce that four of their recent projects received awards:  Esplanade Building IV (Architectural Concrete Award), Qualcomm Building AZ (Commercial Structure Award), Cross Border Xpress (Public Structure Award), and i3 (Judges Award).

Additionally, Hope-Amundson is excited that ACI selected the Cross Border Xpress and i3 projects to be recognized on a national level, advancing to the ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards, to be held this fall. Hope-Amundson endeavors to participate in the design of high-end challenging projects and is proud when these projects are recognized by prestigious associations such as ACI.

 Esplanade Building IV

Qualcomm Building AZ

Cross Border Xpress